Mount Jimberlana Trip - Ngadju Cultural Tours

Mount Jimberlana Trip

Full Day Tour One

Aboriginal design - Ngadju  Cultural Tours
Mount Jimberlana Trip - Ngadju Cultural Tours

Introductory Talk

First stop is a quick history talk about the extraordinary way in which the horse named Norseman first discovered Gold in Norseman.

Mt Jimberlana

We then travel to Mt Jimberlana to see the Old Jimberlana Man and hear his dreamtime story.


Old Aboriginal Reserve

Return to the old Aboriginal reserve and hear about the traditional laws which governed the Ngadju people.

Ngadju Burial Grounds

We then cross the road to the ancient Ngadju burial grounds and hear about the unique burial customs of the Ngadju people.

Pultanya (Buldania)

Heading to Pultanya (Buldania) we’ll have morning tea of damper and billy tea and explore the area.

The Water Trees

We then visit the water tree and talk about the forming of the water trees by the Ngadju.

Lunch at Warranparna (Lake Cowan)

We then return back thru the GWW along the Hyden Road back to the edge of Warranparna (Lake Cowan) at a BBQ spot for lunch.

Lynn Webbs Photographic Gallery

A visit to Lynn Webbs Photographic Gallery.

Visit to the Norseman Museum

Followed by a visit to the Norseman Museum.

Spear Throwing Presentation

We then go down to the oval for a spear throwing presentation and exhibition. 4×4 vehicle not required on this trip.

Aborigninal Art - Lizard

Mount Jimberlana Trip


Norseman Visitor’s Centre, Princep St, Norseman

Time and Duration:

8.30 AM – Full Day Tour
Arrive 30 minutes before

Days: Thursday – Sunday


Adult  …………………………………. $150
Child 1-15yrs ………………………. $50
Family [2 Adults + 2+ Chn] ….. $300

complimentary Booklet

Each of our tour guests will receive a FREE educational booklet containing information about the hostory of the Ngadju people, and our traditional practices.

Gear to Bring

  • Camera
  • Backpack
  • Walking Shoes
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle
  • Light Jacket
  • Fold-out Chair

Traditional Meal and Traditional Dance Show Options

Full day tour, evening meal and show

Adult  ........................... $150

Child [1-15yrs] ............ $80

Evening meal and show only

Adult  ........................... $75

Child [1-15yrs] ............ $35


Food supplied by our local Thai restaurant. The menu will vary but will sometimes include Kangaroo meat (optional).

Time & Venue

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM, Railway Motel, Norseman


For Motel accommodation call Terease on 0458 995 899.

Ngadju Dancers - Evening Meals & Performanaces

Group Bookings

Group bookings welcome. School programs are also  are available.

Traditional Products

Original Aboriginal artwork, traditional artifacts, and bush medicines will also be available to purchase.

Book a Tour Today

Book your tag-along-tour by calling James on 0473 672 842 (or 61+ 473 672 842) or complete our email form to contact us.

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Mount Jimberlana - Ngadju Cultural Tours

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